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Boogie Lights presents 'The Boogie Bunch' EP

Denver multi-instrumentalist releases new EP that fuses Funk, Disco,  House, and Hip Hop into a 4 track groove line from 1979 to 2023.


[Listen] / [Download] / [EPK]  |  EP: 10/27/23  |  Single: 10/20/23

New EP from Denver's disco drummer, Boogie Lights, represents the Funk inauguration of his live band, “The Boogie Bunch”. The collab EP teams up with hip hop savant Deezy Le Phunk, guitarist/producer Rix, and singer

Abi Clark to lead a sonic voyage down Boogie’s rainbow road.


Mark Henrichs grew up drumming in funk rock bands in Rochester, NY and started Boogie Lights in 2016 with the vision to combine DJing and drums.  He brought the boogie to Denver in 2017 with a goal to create a unique version of live Disco with the funkiest group of musicians in Colorado. 

Fast forward to 2023 and that Disco vision is a Disco reality. Boogie's live performances fuse his effortless combination of DJing and live drums with a full cast of musicians to create “Boogie Lights & The Boogie Bunch”.



The 4 part journey begins on a ‘Funk Decision’ with guitarist Rix for some backyard BBQ Funk. Teleporting you to the front seat of a 64’ Impala cruisin’ on the coast at sunset. WIth rolling bass lines, hydraulic grooves and a chilling guitar solo that feels like a cool ice pop on a hot summer day. 


Deezy Le Phunk gets spicy on his debut track and first single off the EP,

We Want Le Phunk’. Serving up a dose of Phunk-Hop fusion that’ll keep the boombox heated through every season. Next up, Electro Soul meets Tech House in the dance floor heater & crowd favorite, ‘Way You Move’.

The final stop ends on a Disco train on the way up to ‘Peak Disco’. The EP finale features a funky duet with Boogie and seasoned Boogie Bunch singer, Abi Clark, for the perfect definition of Boogie Lights. Uplifting grooves, the feeling of Disco in the 70s, and a twist of unapologetic weirdness.

Together, the collection of grooves feel like a charcuterie board of boogie with one ingredient in common, the Funk. The 4 part vibe journey titled

'The Boogie Bunch EP' releases October 27th on Boogie Bunch Records.


Since moving to Colorado in 2017, Boogie Lights has continued to carve his own path while building an organic fanbase in Denver and around the US. Highlights include the historic Bluebird Theater and selling out the 250 capacity Globe Hall as a headliner. Has also supported artists such as The Sponges, SkiiTour, and Fox Stevenson to showcase a wide variety of style.


Boogie's debut 'Oh Kay EP' released in April, 2022 on Super Spicy Records. Followed by two self-release singles including the Disco Tech House groove ‘Disco Boogie’ reaching over 16K streams on Spotify since May, 2023.

With some big announcements on the horizon, Boogie Lights is gearing up for the biggest year of his career preparing to bring the boogie worldwide. 

[Listen] / [Download] / [EPK] / [Pre-Save]  |  EP: 10/27/23  |  Single: 10/20/23

Written/Produced by Mark Henrichs. Mixed/Mastered by Jairo East

Artwork by atostrialPhotos by Jessica Smith.

 Boogie Bunch Records | October 27, 2023

Contact: Mark Henrichs

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