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Disco Dance Therapy

Boogie Lights is a DJ/Drummer based in Denver, CO. The goal is to evolve Disco into the 21st century with the heartbeat of House music and the flavors of live Funk.


The live experience often features a variety of musicians, known as the ‘Boogie Bunch’, including sax, guitar, keys, and vocals for a funk filled dose of Disco Dance Therapy.


Live shows provide a mix of Funk, Nu-Disco, and Deep House while fusing it with crunchy Tech House grooves and splicing in some Gospel or Italian ballads to keep it spicy. The live experience becomes a non stop Disco party that is fueled by Boogie's emphatic energy. Be Weird. Be Kind. Let's BOOGIE.

"His live shows bring up the feels of being on a dance floor in the height of the disco era." -Bolder Beat

Mark Henrichs, the man behind the boogie, is based in Denver, CO. He was raised in Rochester, NY and grew up banging on pots and pans until he got his first drum set. The funky vision for Boogie Lights was to fuse DJing with the energy of banging on pans like a 5 year old. 

"Find Boogie Lights bouncing around stage and jamming on a raised electronic drum set while simultaneously spinning infectious dance music"                                     - Emily Ferguson, Westword Denver

Since moving to Denver in 2017, Boogie has played in some notable venues such as Bluebird Theater, Cervantes', The Black Box, Your Mom's House, Larimer Lounge, and sold out Globe Hall two week prior with a capacity of 250. BL has also been support for SkiiTour, The Sponges,

Fox Stevenson, Night Drive, and The Orchestrator.

'The Boogie Bunch' EP

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'Disco Boogie' (2023)
'Oh Kay' EP (2022)
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"An undeniably groovy banger that melds nu-disco, deep house, gospel and soul into a soaring amalgamation of EDM" - Emily Ferguson, Westword


'Oh Kay' EP (2022)

Boogie's debut EP, 'Oh Kay' was released by Super Spicy Records on April 1st, 2022 and featured in Beatport's Best New Nu-Disco/Disco chart.

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