Evolving Disco through 
Live Drums and Synth

Boogie Lights fuses mixing, live drums, MPC, and synthesizer to create a unique live performance on a mission to lead the dance floor into an everlasting gob stopper of funk.

Reviving old school Funk, Disco, and Soul with the heartbeat of 21st century EDM. The vibe focuses on Nu-Disco, Deep House and Future Funk with a theme of knee slappin' bass lines, soul searching sax, and booming drums, lots of drums.

"A transportive fun house of Funk and Disco with upbeat electronic elements and catchy lyrics." - Bolder Beat

Mark Henrichs, the man behind the boogie, is based in Denver, CO. Originally from Rochester, NY with a background in percussion and a passion for producing. While in college he founded a funk rock band called Soul Junction that culminated with an album release and self curated US tour in 2015.

Boogie Lights started as a side project and grew into a vision; to create an organic performance of dance music infused with live instrumentation.

"His live shows bring up the feels of being on a dance floor in the height of the disco era." -MIX247EDM.com 

Performances often feature special guests with a variety of vocal and instrumental collabs. Serving up a mix of originals, remixes, and mashups for an all inclusive dance voyage into the night. 


Since moving to Denver in 2017, Boogie Lights has played in some notable venues such as Cervantes' Other Side, The Black Box, Your Mom's House, Punch Bowl Social, The Walnut Room, Lost Lake, Larimer Lounge, Lodo's Bar & Grill, and Local 46.